Find out how many apartment owners have. For sale, both spouses (or former spouses who were married at the time of buying the apartment) must agree. If there are underage children among the property owners, the bargaining and guardianship authorities should approve the transaction. In other words, absolutely all apartment owners must say a decisive yes. If one of them does not do this and after the transaction declares his rights, it is recognized as invalid.

Check how many times that apartment was bought and sold, how it got to the last owner. The apartment could be donated or inherited. It should be clearly checked on the documents, cannot other relatives also be the heirs of this apartment. If the rights of these people in the sale of real estate will be violated, the transaction may be declared void. With the best developer sales in Singapore the options are perfect for you now.

Debts on contributions for capital repairs

Finally, after buying an apartment, it may turn out that the previous owner owes a decent amount for a major overhaul of the house. Unpaid contributions for capital repairs of mono-apartment buildings are transferred to a new owner of housing. Therefore, check the existence of debts before the transaction is processed.

The Essential Information About Funeral Services

How is it that the agents find themselves at the deceased’s apartment simultaneously with the police and the ambulance, or even earlier?

Yes, it’s very simple. And sometimes right under the door of them are assembled queues of several people, because the informants of each agent have their own. And it also happens that they come before the emergency services and face completely unexpected situations. I remember there was a story: the informant gives a tip – the grandmother died in the apartment. The agent comes in, sees, the door is open. He looks – and the grandfather who called, hanged himself … So the line is the lesser of evils. And some agents work together with the police and the ambulance, giving the employees of the emergency services a share of their profits. By the way,As a well knownsingapore funeral director this is a very important.

And if relatives refuse to use the services of such an agent?

Then they can fully use the “threats”. The most popular is the forensic morgue: policemen can send a body there on the basis of the slightest suspicion of violent death. In the “fate” is necessarily an autopsy – and they reveal us in different ways. They can spoil the body, because the forensic expert needs to understand what caused death, and what will happen to the deceased himself is not the most important thing. But it is much more likely that a “bag of sawdust” will come out of this morgue – that is, body, which almost completely removed internal organs (they are supplied to medvuzy). Many people think that without their written consent, they can not remove organs. Unfortunately, this is not so – according to our laws can. In order not to do this, it is necessary to make out a written statement certified by a notary, and it is better that it should be written during the lifetime of the “owner” of the body.

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